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MapiS provides Japanese Acrylic system to use. Japanese Acrylic system can build nice and strong.

Lasts is all depends your life style like if you are using your hands very hard with hot water, Acrylic might last shorter, but if you treat them with hand cream or nail oil, it makes longer than usual. Also recommended to add Hard gel for keep shiny.

Acrylic Nail course menu 

You can make your appointment here BOOK ONLINE or TEXT me 021767177


Acrylic Nail

shape, cuticle care, color included

Acrylic Extension Art Unlimited - $120

colour powder Acrylic with studs, swarovski and stickers.

Swarovski crystal unlimited

Acrylic Extension + Gel Art Unlimited - $150

any powder Acrylic with gel flat art, studs, swarovski and stickers.

Swarovski crystal unlimited

3D art - from $3 each 

Hard gel coating - extra $1 each​

Matte coating - extra $1 each

Art option

Gel paint - $3 each

Gel paint deluxe art - $5 each

Special (Ita) nail art - $10 each

Studs, Swarovski or sticker - $1 each

Big gem stone or parts - $3-5 each

3D art - from $3 each

Pre-order 3D art - from $5 each


Gel removal - $1each

to add any new one

Gel removal only - $3.5 each

Acrylic removal - $2 each

to add any new one 

Acrylic removal only - $4.5 each

Hard gel removal - extra $1 each

Polish removal - $1 each

Aroma oil massage
rose, lemon glass, 5 kinds of flavor

Hand massage 10 min. - $15

Scrub hand massage 20 min. - $25

Foot massage 15 min. - $20

Scrub foot massage 30min. - $35

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