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MAPI Handmade has just launched.MAPI handmade aims to introduce Japanese creator's arts, crafts, accessories and goods. You can find your favourite handmade goods and buy online 24/7.

Hi from Mayumi

Professional service using products from Japan. Mayumi is a professional nail technician who has a wealth of experience working in the beauty industry in Tokyo and Auckland.

MAPI handmade has just started!!

MAPI handmade introduces Japanese arts, crafts and accessories. You can meet your favourite from our online shop here.

MapiS NaiL

Self nail goods Hobby kit Artificial Nail Tips Ordermade nail

Welcome to MapiS

Treat yourself to MapiS Nail and Lash service with Mayumi. You deserve it!

Yama Leather

Yama Leather Handmade leather artists

Hello, we are MAPI Handmade

Just wanted to say hello to you.

We are so excited about this announcement.

MAPI Handmade has just launched!!!


Japanese artists create such amazing goods.

We are going to keep introducing a lot of goods for you.

You can find your favourite.


Online shopping is available!!!

We are on Felt now.

You can browse items on Instagram or Facebook too.



#maker's goods



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Nail & Lash Service in ​Auckland
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