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Professional service using products from Japan. Mayumi is a professional nail technician who has a wealth of experience working in the beauty industry in Tokyo and Auckland.


Lash service is a popular choice at MapiS. Even with light makeup your lashes will ensure you are ready to dazzle at any occasion.

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MAPI Handmade has just launched.MAPI handmade aims to introduce Japanese creator's arts, crafts, accessories and goods. You can find your favourite handmade goods and buy online 24/7.

MAPI handmade has just started!!

MAPI handmade introduces Japanese arts, crafts and accessories. You can meet your favourite from our online shop here.

MapiS NaiL self nail kit

The majority of our nail colours are imported directly from Japan with a small selection from the USA. Rest assured we will be able to accommodate your colour request. Customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Yama Leather

Leather accessories by Japanese leather artists.

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping service options

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Hello, this is MAPI Handmade

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Gel Nail


My most popular course is Gel nails and I offer both Mani (hand) and Pedi (foot). Gel nails are longer-lasting and have a more beautiful and shinier finish than Polish.

To ensure the best possible outcome I apply the gel  after thoroughly performing cuticle and natural nail care.

There are slight individual differences for how long the nails last, however, on average they will last you for 3 to 5 weeks. You also have the option to try a new design before your current design is due for renewal or replacement.

Order-Made Artificial Tips

IMG_6270 2.HEIC
For those who choose not to wear nails on a regular basis you have the option to purchase order-made tips that you can apply and remove for special occasions. I can make your favourite design according to the size of your nails.



Decoration Goods

​You can create order-made goods here using using Swarovski crystals.
Please feel free to contact me as the redesign and price will change depending on the material and size of the item you choose, for example - phone case, business card holder, mirror, wine bottle, glass, mug, ballpoint pen. Of course, you can also redesign 3D decorations for items like earrings with large gems and acrylic parts.

  Mobile Nail and Lash Service in ​Auckland, NZ
Online Shop Nationwide
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